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Wilden 气动隔膜泵
美国broadley james PH电极
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broadley james ph orp电极,工业酸度计
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美国 chempump 磁力驱动无轴封泵

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产品名称: 美国 chempump 磁力驱动无轴封泵
产品型号: all model
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Chempump is an innovator in sealless pump manufacture with product offerings that span the most simple designs for OEM applications to the most complex for high pressure and temperature services in cr

美国 chempump 磁力驱动无轴封泵的详细介绍

The Leader in Sealless Leakproof technology
About Chempump

Chempump is an innovator in sealless pump manufacture with product offerings that span the most simple designs for OEM applications to the most complex for high pressure and temperature services in critical nuclear, chemical and petrochemical production processes. Originators of Canned Motor Pump technology, Chempump continues to lead technological change that is often copied but never surpassed. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the application, all Chempump products feature a design basis that offers users the ultimate in reliability, simplicity, noise reduction and space savings through minimization and commonality of wearing parts, lowest installed cost, use of premium material and real time monitoring of operating conditions. Chempump has US Patents on its IntelliSense
TM rotor monitoring device, the first for both axial and radial position outputs, and its Silicon Carbide bearing system featuring a fail safe mode that keeps processes operating, even after a bearing failure, until repairs can be made. Outputs can be generated to a single digital data collection point in a user's control system or personal computer for up to 30 installed units to predict maintenance intervals and not just react to costly failures.

Chempump is a Division of . Located in Warminster, Bucks County, PA just outside of Philadelphia. Chempump manufactures industry leading sealless and leakproof centrifugal and reciprocating pumps for use in a wide variety of applications in the chemical process, petrochemical, general industrial, OEM, nuclear power and water & wastewater treatment markets where containment and control of environmentally sensitive, toxic, expensive and difficult to handle fluids is required. Chempump products feature design, performance and dimensional adherence to all recognized Industry Standards rooted in 40 years of experience dealing with the most difficult pumping applications generating user reliance to specify Chempump to meet or exceed all requirements of any pumping service.

Chempump is represented throughout the world by authorized and trained agencies. These organizations know our products; their application and can provide service and start up assistance when required. Chempump owns and operates a Service Center in Belmont, WV. Factory authorized service can also be performed by Texas Process Equipment based in Houston, TX. Application Engineering and system analysis is available from both the factory and sales agency personnel.

Chempump is a modern pump manufacturer with a well-equipped laboratory and can perform a variety of tests and provide documentation to meet exacting customer requirements. Chempump is an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) authorized manufacturer of nuclear products under its N-Stamp Quality criteria and can apply those same design standards to commercial pumps.

If you are looking for experience, quality and state of the art solutions to Industry's most demanding requirements for sealless pumping, secondary containment and high reliability, Chempump has a solution for you because:

We're Serious about Sealless Pump Performance


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