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意大利 CUCCHI 齿轮泵

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产品名称: 意大利 CUCCHI 齿轮泵
产品型号: all model
产品展商: 其他品牌
Pompe Cucchi is present by over 40 years in the pumping metering and transfering fluids sector. Pompe Cucchi pumps have been manufactured using numerically controlled machining centres so to guarantee

意大利 CUCCHI 齿轮泵的详细介绍

Pompe Cucchi is present by over 40 years in the pumping metering and transfering fluids sector. Pompe Cucchi pumps have been manufactured using numerically controlled machining centres so to guarantee an high quality level and a perfect interchangeability of spare parts. The pumps manufacture is in accordance with European Machine Directive 89/392, 31/368, 93/44, 93/68 EC (conformity certificate issued by ANCCP n° 0218 AC 001-2). The marketing has been entrusted to a net of national agents and a group of international distributors in Europe, Asia, South Africa, North Africa, Australia, USA and Canada.

The technical office is responsible for design and development of pumps ranges. It has equipped with AUTOCAD 12 and specific software for the search for new and innovative constructive solutions.

An IBM AS400 centre process, check and update production management and last constructive innovations besides standard company functions. The centre is able to search and identify quickly the constructive characteristics and the specific spare parts of the pump using identification codes like part number or purchase number or invoice number.

Very high technology numerically controlled machining centres of last generation machine bodies, shafts, gears and all the other mechanical parts of the pump. Starting from April ’97 is working a new numerically controlled machining centre with 10 pallets - 40 KW - 148 tools - forced lubrication - very high working speed also with inox alloy - mangement information system for working without operator.

Each single pump has been tested by a suitable hydraulic circuit which is able to simulate the different working conditions with digital monitoring and printing of various parameters found like flow, pressure, power absorbed.

The continuos search of new materials and treatment has allowed a costant technological evolution of Pompe Cucchi production range. This innovative treatments that Pompe Cucchi applies to gears and shafts of some pumps ranges, increase surface hardness up to 4000 Vickers allowing application that only some months ago have been considered not possible.

Further his production of gear pumps and metering pumps, Pompe Cucchi has become the italian industrial pumps distributor of ITT Jabsco.



Thermo-hydraulic sector
Naphta - fuel oil - emulsion - demineralized water - oil - diathermic oil - petrol - liquid gas - water into sun panels pipes.

Paint industry
Water paint - solvent paint - solvent - inks.


Chemical industry

Acetate - acids - adhesive - additives - alcohol - starches - ammonia - wax - glue - detergent - hexane - freon -grease - hisocyanate - insulating liquids - latex - paraffin - resin - soap - shampoo - acid/basic solutions - liquid silicone - solvent.





Food industry

Yoghurt - liquid butter - liquid cheese - margarine - liquid flavour for chocolate - olive oil - grease - glucose - jam - pickle - wine.






Paper industry
Glue - adhesive - paint - cellulose.

Tools-machine industry
Cutting oil - emulsion.

Wood-machine industry
Glue - adhesive - additives - paint.

Industrial refrigerator sector
Oil plus ammonia - oil plus freon.

Ship industry
Naphta - fuel oil - fire fighting foam - oil.

Pharmaceutical industry
Creams - tooth paste - syrups - to push water into small autoclaves - for sterilization - suppostory paste.

Agricultural sector
Molasses - additives for irrigation - spray water in small irrigation or disinfectant plants.

Cosmetic industry

Creams - essence - liquid flavour - shampoo - soaps - bath foams - lotions - perfumes.







Road machine sector
Emulsion - bitumen - tar.

Concrete sector
Pumping/dosing additives for concrete.

Glass machine sector
Silicone - rubber - additives.

Paint machine sector
Paint - pigment - colour.

Floor washing machine sector
Water or soaped water spraying.

Industrial plants sector
All the liquid above mentioned.


Other information

  • Our gear pumps are suitable for every type of medium without solid sospensions with
     viscosity value from 1 to 100.000 cps.
  • Pumps may be equipped with a pre heating chamber if needed as liquid pumped
     is solid at ambient temperature.
  • Each pump may become metering pump applying adjustable speed variator, inverter,
     electrically or pneumatic servo control motor.



进口嵌入式项目和结构组件 凹槽步骤
进口嵌入式项目和结构组件 聚氯乙烯无泄漏法兰
进口嵌入式项目和结构组件 主排水道
进口嵌入式项目和结构组件 排水沟
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